Listing while GS is relisting: CANNOT WAIT HOURS

I apologize if I am a bit annoyed, but I have already told about this serious problem and until today there are no improvement. Is it possible I am the only one with this problem?? When GS is resisting I have to wait literally hours before the started listing is actually listed. In the meanwhile I can do NOTHING, it’s a terrible loss of time and patience. The pop up window keeps showing the launch working for hours, hours and hours and I can do nothing. Of course it depends on how much listings are going to be relisted. Today there were many and I could not 1) launch new listing 2) close GS and go home because it was relisting … if I have thousands listings with relisting… what can I do?? Stop working??
Please try to find a solution…

Thank you

So, GarageSale doesn’t let you re-list because it’s waiting for the listings to verify with eBay?

How many listings did you queue up for relisting?

@ilja it’s the same every time GS relists 1 or 10000 listing, the wait depends on the number (today 99, I don’t remember yesterday). In the activity panel, while the started listing is launching, I see “send images to ebay” and there is not “starting/verifying listing”. After “sending images to ebay” are finished, I read “relisting…”. When also relisting is ended, finally the listing stars. Do you need other info?

So you are complaining about the upload times of images to eBay? I don’t see how can we improve those.

No Ilja, that’s not my problem!! Don’t misunderstand, relisting can take 2 days and that’s not my problem. The matter is, why GS is relisting I cannot list until all expired listings have been listed. It means that if I start one listing while GS is relisting, it takes 2 days before being actually listed. I hope I explained better the matter this time. I mean, can’t you do that listing “comes before” the relisting in the activity panel?
Tell me if you did not get what I mean…

So the problem is that the pending relisting process prevents you from starting new listings?

Regards, Kristian

Yes exactly! When GS is relisting I cannot start new listings and have to wait until all relistings are finished…

How did the “pending” relist-processes get started?

I had set the order and listing update every 5 minutes. So relisting automatically starts. Then I did the mistake to set the update every hours. It means that more listings had to be relisted at a time, and so the long waiting… in the meanwhile I had to stop listing because the launch control got showing the “launch” working but nothing actually started until all expired listings had been relisted.

Did you find the problem??

I guess you have to live with it for now. So far GarageSale doesn’t “prioritize” these processes (relist processes vs. start processes) as far as I can tell.

Regards, Kristian

To solve your issue, we’d need to modify GarageSale so auto-restart operations run with a lower priority compared to user initiated operations.

Probably a good feature for GarageSale 8.0.

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Hi again,
I see, so it is a problem of priority as I supposed. I think the only solution may be setting the update of listings to “never” and do it only manually… I hope to see it in the GS 8, in my opinion it may be a good feature…

I am here for 10 minutes… how many others do I have to wait? How is it possible that no one has this problem???

Maybe I found something useful. When activity panel shows “sending images on eBay…”, the listing does not start and does not show any increasing blue line…

Then, when the “sending images on eBay…” is finished, the panel show “relisting…”.

After a few second the blue line in the window on the right starts to increase, very very slowly… and ends only when relistings are ended. So… finally the ONE listing is started! a bit less then 15 minutes for 68 listings relisted. “Decent” wait this time, but I was lucky because there were only 68 this time…

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