Listing with variations does not load photos to eBay

Hello, Guys!

Can someone help.

I loaded to Garagesale 7 about 1,000 listings (each with variations) through XML file. Each listing has four pictures.

But when a listing is loaded to eBay - only loaded one (first) picture. The other three are not loaded for some reason. (Possibly due to variations)

Is it possible to somehow fix?


Hi, is it possible to send me your XML file for investigation. You can should be able to compress it as .zip file and attach it to a direct message to me in this forum.

Hello ilja,

I attached file for an example to this post.

This XML file has a one listing.

Other listings of the same structure, but with different titles and pictures.

Thanks for your reply. (1.4 KB)

GarageSale did only upload the first URL-based image to eBay. I guess this rule dates back to the times when images except the first one did cost extra. I changed the code so that all URL-based images are sent to eBay, if images on the targeted eBay site are free. Here is a special build including that fix:

Excellent!!! It works. Really thank you for the quick fix!!! Great thanks!!!

I have one more question for you.

Can I through URL identifier to upload images directly from my computer?

For example something like link file:///Users/username/Desktop/image.png or Mac HD/Users/username/Desktop/image.png.

It worked in Garagesale 6. But Garagesale 7 accepts only links FTP or URL (web).

I could not upload images from my computer.


Even though GS6 showed the image, I doubt that you were able to upload a listing using it to eBay. GarageSale probably didn’t check the URL prefix and image display just worked by coincidence.

Getting the feature to work as described by you in GS7 is hard. GS7 is sandboxed, which means it cannot access arbitrary files on your hard drive unless you specifically point it to by choosing the file in an “Open” panel.