Listings Active but ebay box still gray

I have listings with the grayed out ebay box next to them that are already listed. I think these are listings where the original upload failed and I had to go back and start the listings for a second time. The challenge is that i cannot determine which items are currently running and which need to be listed. Is there any way for me to get these boxes switched to the blue shaded box so that I can identify that they are listed? I do get the warning that they may violate the duplicate listing policy, but its still taking time to figure out which ones I need to list. I am running the latest version of GarageSale on Mojave 10.14. Thanks

I have the same issue with this, it is where the upload failed, it then turns grey. I will too will look forward to an answer. I think GS need to address this, as it drives me mad:)

Sorry, I don’t fully understand the issue.

Do you have listings running on eBay that were started with GarageSale, but GarageSale doesn’t show the listings as running?

Yes that is correct. They were started with Garage Sale, are currently listed on eBay and have the gray box in my listings area of Garage Sale.

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