Listings Ended, but not really Ended

Hi everyone,
it happens that some listings are shown as ended, while they’re not ended on ebay.
For example GTC listings.
Is there a possibility to realign the listings to their real states without downloading everything again?
Thank you all in advance :slight_smile:Alberto

In GarageSale’s inspector for the ended GTC Listing, what does GarageSale says as end time for the listing?

Ciao Alberto,
click the sprocket in top bar, it should work, at least works for me…

@ilja, thank you for your reply it says it is ended, and shows time and date. But it is not ended.
For example:

GS says that it is ended today at 16:03, but as you can see, it is regularly on ebay.

@fedege96, thank you for your reply. Where is the sprocket on top bar? I can’t see it

Is this item ID shown in GarageSale’s Inspector?: 291811306704

Regards, Kristian

Yes, it is shown as ended

I found the solution: just updated each single “not really ended” listing. About 50 listings…
But now they’re shown as active :slight_smile:

Did you try the sprocket?

Probably it is, yes. There is not a sprocket ok the button, but an counterclockwise arrow

If you click it, you will see the sprocket

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