LIVE Listing Mode not updating

I have couple of listings which are not showing the correct information when you press “Live Listing Mode”. When I click on them, they show me “Live Status”, but the one that was two month ago, not the current status of the listing.
Could you tell me what I can do so the listing show the correct information in Live Mode.
Thank you

Hi John,

does it help to select “Update all listings” from the Listing menu?

Also, could it be that you have to refresh your eBay access token in the GarageSale preferences > Accounts?

Regards, Kristian

Thank you Kristian for your quick reply. The “update all listings” feature as well as eBay access token doesn’t help. The listing still shows the same live status that was like 2-3 month ago.

Sorry, GarageSale will only download listing states for the last 60 days - which is the maximum allowed by eBay. If there was no change for your listing in the last 60 days, GarageSale won’t be able to update that listing.

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