Loading bulk variations from inventory items to a listing

I am trying to find a way to load 200 variations into an auction. They are baseball cards from a set. Looking for a better than adding them one at a time. I bulk load them into my inventory but then have to take them one by one into the listing variation section. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It is very time consuming moving them one at a time and then having to put a title in each one. Thanks

Hiya!! i dont use variations… but have you looked at right clicking and using copy listing components ? then pasting on to the listings you need…

again i cant conform that would work as i dont use them…

hope that helps

Screenshot 2022-06-13 at 12.43.56

I cannot thing of an efficient way to add those 200 variations to a listing efficiently right now.

But since there’s discussion about adding “user properties” to inventory items on another thread here (JavaScript and User Properties?), here is an idea:

Let’s assume we already had a “user properties” table in the inventory item section, here is what might be possible:

  • you enter one or two properties for each of your items (e.g. “size” and “color” – sorry, I just made those up since I don’t have a clue about baseball cards)
  • you’d select all the inventory items for you want to include in your listing as variations in the outline view (with the shift key)
  • you invoke a new command “Create Variation Listing from Inventory Items”, which brings up a window where you’d select a primary (e.g. “size”) and secondary (e.g. "color) variation attribute.
  • this would create a new listing with the individual inventory items as variation items correctly filled in

How does this sound?


My biggest problem with variations is not being able to vary the shipping weight on a variation. My variations involves adding quantity of the item sold which massively changes the weight and the shipping costs. Example: 5 of an item versus 200 of the same item. I have to set shipping at 4 pounds for a 4 ounce shipment.

That sounds great it takes hours now to do it I have to copy the inventory item and then copy the item name from a spreadsheet I created. Anything to make it easier. Thanks

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