Local Pickup not working

Having trouble with local pickup option since recent update.
Last listed local pickup items a couple months ago without issue. Haven’t changed anything in my template and now getting this message.

Hi awj,

this is probably the same issue described in this post:

It seems to be a change or a bug with the eBay system. Are you using eBay UK or eBay USA?

Regards, Kristian

“Are you using eBay UK or eBay USA?”


Sorry, still waiting for an response from eBay.

I am having an Issue on Ebay Australia. In order to comply with new Item Specific requirements I am trying to updated listing but cannot list as Shipping Option for Local Shipping Only is not available.
How do I list with Local Shipping Only?
I am not using any profiles and tried on GS8 Beta as well and stuck grrr!

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