Lock GS to Specific Monitor Upon Start

I use two 24" NEC displays with my Mac Pro. When I restart GS it correctly remembers its relative position on the screen, but it often appears on the wrong screen I want. It will appear on whatever screen currently is showing the active Finder. This means I have keep working on the screen I want it to appear on until it finishes the start process and loads its database. I would rather not have to waste time while it loads - after I clock the GS icon in the dock I can easily be working on the other screen where I do not want GS to appear. If I don’t remember keep the Finder in focus until its finishes its startup routine I may have to drag it and the inspector to the other screen.

I’d like to set a preference in GS where it will always appear on one specific screen regardless of the current focus of the Finder. GS could do a screen count then display those screens in preferences to allow the user to lock GS to one specific screen. If GS starts and the screen is not longer present then that preference is ignored.

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