Long time finished sale coming back up as new every few minutes

Since July 20th, a sale that was regular finished (sold, paid, shipped, feedback given) reappears every time GS looks up for new finished auctions. So every five minutes, theres the message that two items are sold…

The whole thing:

  • A customer bought two items
  • he asked for the total
  • before we could answer, he paid both items individually with paypal
  • then we shipped, gave the feedback
  • and we refunded 1.- Euro for the overpaid shipping costs because both items were shipped in one parcel.

Now the two auctions reappear as new sales every five minutes (since 11 days now… quite boring…)

What I tried so far:

  • Starting GS with crtl-key for rebuilding/repairing the database
  • clicking on “update all listings” with the ctrl-key held and then the same with the alt-key held.

No luck.

When GS updates the listing state, the two auctions appear in our intelligent groups without the field for the given feedback checked. After the updating process ended and a few minutes are gone by, GS seems to recognise, that the feedback already was given, so the two listings disappear from our intelligent groups - to reappear a few minutes later…45
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Within the ebay system, everything seems o.K.:

So how can I get rid of those two reappearing listings???
GarageSage 7.0.18 (854)
MacOS 10.12.6

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