Looking to get rid of GS6 data

Hi, Well my last GS6 auction ended some time ango, and now using (just) GS7… I was looking for the GS6 data to thrash, and cant find any folder market GS7. (I had my computer wiped a few montsh ago, in a horrific attempt to upgrade to High Sierra… and I was forced to re install everything. Time Machine proved useles… but did manage to find the GS folder in that and get it going.

long story short. I exported all myauctions from GS6 and imported them all to GS7… and now have all the files and folder exaclty where I want them, so I can now get rid of GS6 completely. went looking in the Garage sale Folder in Application support, Library, User.

and was shocked by what I found. (apart from nothing marked GS7…)

i found files and auctions going back to 2010… I asked some time ago how long did GS keep files…

what can be thrown away… and what must be kept… (and there are lots of them, thousand in some of the folders… I guess i can throw away most pre 2015 auction stuff…)

but what is a .sqlite.???
regards Sandy

If you don’t want to use GS 6 anymore, you can safely delete the folder you have shown.

The SavedAuctions folder is even older, probably from GarageSale 3 or something.

GarageSale 7 keeps it data in here: /Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7/

.sqlite is the database file format used from GarageSale 4 to 6.

Hope this helps.

Thanks much appreciated…
regards, Sandy
best wishes for Christmas and the new year, and thanks for the GREAT support… (despite that drama queen)

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