Lost all my inventory?

Please can someone HELP?
After updating I have somehow lost all my inventory? HELP???

Please describe more specific:
• You upgraded to GarageSale 9 from what version?
• When starting GarageSale for the first time, did you get a “Welcome” screen asking you to import your previous database?
• With “inventory” you mean your whole GarageSale database? (and not only your inventory items in GarageSale’s Inventory section?)

Hi Kristian,
So, I updated to the newest version GarageSale 9 from GarageSale 7. Then I tried to sync my two computers and I’ve lost all my listings. It’s a blank page. It shows what I have sold in the past but not my photos or Ebay listings that are current. I don’t know how to get it back. Thank you for responding. HELP

When you started GarageSale 9 for the first time, did the “Welcome” screen appear allowing you to import your previous database?

If not, you probably already had GarageSale 9 started in the past and so a (empty?) GS9 database already exists. In this case try to let GarageSale 9 re-import your GarageSale 7 database. Please see FAQ #32 for instructions:

Another easy way to show the current GS9 database highlighted in the Finder is using this commend in the “Terminal” application:
open -R ~/Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale9

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