Lost Listing active on ebay cant find in GS

Totally stumped here. I listed a jacket on ebay yesterday and it is showing live in my ebay listings, but it is no where to be found in GS. I have looked through my folders and trash 3 times now and the only way I can find it is if I type into the search bar, then it shows up. I thought maybe I could drag it into one of my folders, but can’t do that either. Where can this elusive listing be hiding?

Can you please give this a try?:

  1. Quit GarageSale 7
  2. Hold down the Control key (ctrl) on your keyboard and start GarageSale
  3. A small window should appear. Check the “Find Orphaned Listings” checkbox and hit “Continue”.

This hopefully brings back the missing listing.
You should make sure to have a working backup of your GarageSale data before starting this operation (e.g. a Time Machine backup).

Regards, Kristian

@hollyhocks did you try this:

  • search for that listing in the search field
  • when it appears, select the listing in the left hand column (the line is blue)
  • while it is select, press the X icon in the search field.

If this is not an orphaned listing as Kristian suggested, doing this the listing should stay selected when you press over X and so you should be able to identify its location. If nothing happens when you press over the X, so the orphaned debug option might do… but a personal suggestion, do a backup before launching that function!!

Kristian, that did the trick. Thank you so much.