Lost Listing Again

Feeling quite frustrated right now. I have created a listing and once it goes live, it is nowhere to be found in GS. I have tried restarting while holding the command key, which no longer gives me an option to find an orphaned listing. When I do a search the listing shows up, but when I select it in the left-hand column of the search box and then press the X in search field nothing happens. This issue has happened to me several times in the last few weeks, but I have always eventually been able to find the orphaned listing after repeated attempts with the restart. I have also experienced a lot of crashing while trying to submit a listing. In the end, the listing always shows up in search, but then I have to do an orphaned listing search.

FYI I did install the update yesterday.

I am now thinking I either need to import the listing or duplicate. Any thoughts?

Is it in the deleted folder?


You need to hold down the CTRL key!

However, it’s strange that listings keep disappearing in your GarageSale.
Did you already check the trash bin as mentioned by David?

Regards, Kristian

This means it’s not in the trash but ghost. It happened to me in the past, this is the cause…

None, you should be able to find it with orphaned child debug, at least it worked for me…

Ok this is interesting. I had previously checked all my folders including trash and the listing wasn’t anywhere to be found. Just now tried holding down the control key and restarting GS, but again no option showed up to find an orphaned listing. At this point I decided to try showing GS in Finder, I then used the control key to find the orphaned listing and Lo and Behold that worked. No idea why.

Kristian the fact that I lose my listings seem to be linked to my GS crashing while trying to upload an auction. Even though it crashes my auctions always get listed. Any thoughts?

Is it possible you have two different versions of GS and the one on the dock points at an older version?


David, that doesn’t seem to be the issue, I only have one version of GS. Unfortunately my issue is still persisting, I just sent another crash report to support.
Shelly Ross

I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

Oh I know that feeling all too well Shelly.


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