Mac OS High Sierra

Is the current version 7.0.9 of GarageSale compatible with Mac OS HIGH Sierra V10.13?

Just found that Opening an image in built in editor has stopped working.

:frowning: The built-in image editor indeed stopped working under High Sierra. We are looking into this at the moment∞

We believe to have fixed the bug. If you need to use the image editor right away, please download the hot fix version below, until we have a new beta version of GarageSale 7.0.9 out:

Before downloading, just want to make sure that GS is compatible with an SSD iMac using the APFS file system. Yes or No?

So far, we only discovered minor UI issues during our testing, which we’ll hopefully fix in the next few days. Also, all automated tests of the database layer pass on High Sierra.

Therefore you should be good to go.

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