Make GS v5.5 data show up in 6.x

So, I really should check in with GS more often. Not only do I forget 2 of the 3 things I learned, but I forget I’m using 6 instead of 5.

I was listing a couple items today using v 5.5.1 and through some crashes GS finally wouldn’t even launch. After mucking around a while I discovered much to my dismay that I own v6.9.x as well. All is well, as it seemed stable the first few minutes it was open. Prior to closing v6 it was apparent none of my v5 data was in the sidebar (auctions, templates, etc.)

How do I get my v5 data merged with my v6 data? I don’t care about any of the v6 data - it can go ‘bye’ for all I care.

If you remove the GarageSale.sqlite file from the GarageSale folder under Library/Application Support/, GarageSale 6 should re-import your GS 5 library.

If you are using the MacApp Store version of GS, you have to look under Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garageSale for the appropriate directories.

Just as simple as that - thank you. I also had to reimport some auctions that didn’t show as a result of step ‘1’, but that too was simple enough.

Thank you.