Making inventory items for variation listing with existing standard listings

hello everyone
ok here goes
ive listed 20 cds separately (they’re all different titles )
is there a way to make these normal separate listings into inventory items with the picture they each already have, easily? I understand the variation bit but how do I get the existing listing to become an inventory listing to make a variation with what I already have including picture. ive tried a few ways and they dont put the image in which is a nooooooooo from me.
I hope this makes sense.
thanks everyone.

There is no way (despite using the CSV export/import) to convert a listing to an inventory item, only vice-versa. However, to transfer listing images to an inventory item you could do this:

Select all listing images in Editor Mode and copy them (cmd-c). Switch to Inventory section and click into the image field of an inventory item and press cmd-v on your keyboard to paste the images.

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thank you very much for that help kristian

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