Manual for GS7?

I have just downloaded GS7 and fumbled my way through creating a few listings.

Is there an instruction manual???

What is the new equivalent of “Duplicate Template”?

When adding new inventory lines, the pictures only show as “locations” not as “thumbs”

When starting a listing I am warned that the listing contains more product than my inventory has, which is not the case.

When I start a listing I get a message “Some of the selected listings have already been started. Do you want to duplicate these listings and list the copies” (to which I have been accepting???)

When I add the SKU the pictures aren’t carried over to the template like they used to with GS6.
I am individually removing images and dropping the new ones in. I’m sure I’m not doing this right.

GS7 is certainly a clean looking update and it loads very quickly but I think I will need some help to get familiar with it.
Regards David

A manual is in the works and will be available later.
To duplicate a listing or an inventory product simply hit the new duplicate toolbar icon in GarageSale’s toolbar (the icon next to the trash icon showing two boxes with a “plus” sign). Another way is to right-click on an item in the left sidebar and select “Duplicate”.

Regards, Kristian

Do you perhaps have several inventory items with the same SKU in your inventory section?

No, I use an individual SKU for every size / variable etc.
Wouldn’t I have received a similar message in GS6 if I was doubling up on SKU’s?

Your advice worked once but not the next time I tried.
So… this is what I’m doing. I type a key word from a listing in the search bar in the top right. I am in “templates” view ( the middle icon in the toolbar in between the “pencil” and “live” boxes) I can then select the listing from the left but when I right click it, the choice for duplicate is low lighted and cannot be selected.
I have tried to hit the duplicate key in the new toolbar and doesn’t look like anything happens.
Regards David

Can you please send us a screenshot of the open context menu (the one you get when right clicking on a listing) by pressing cmd-shift-4 when the menu is visible?

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 12.40.23 PM

Duplicate command is not working (yet), when displaying search results. But your selection should stick, when you leave the search (by clicking the x in the search field), so you should be able to duplicate the listing then.