"Mark as Payment Received" Error - Ver 8.3.4 (1271)

I’ve been getting this error message when submitting tracking information - Garage Sale version 8.3.4 (1271) - OS X 10.13.6. Not sure if it’s being triggered by a specific entry or if it’s a general issue.


Thanks for letting us know. Can you please check if the error goes away with this version:


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I had the same problem, so I stepped back to the version I had before, I just had no time to report that…
As soon as I have a new order, I will try 8.3.5b2

Sorry for the delay, I nearly forgot…
Yes 8.3.5b2 seems to work fine.
Can I stay on this version without any problems until the final 8.3.5 arrives?

5.3.5b2 fixed the issue for me as well. Thanks.

Yes. Please stay on that version. There half another smaller issues we’d like to get ironed out before we release a new version to the public.

I have that problem as well. Very annoying but I just kept working with it until I finally came to the forum. I knew there would be a patch available by the time I got here. I don’t know if it works yet but since works for everyone else so far, shouldn’t be a problem for me. Thanks! I would not have a business without GS!

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