Massive iMac high Sierra wipe out... now can't re enter purchase numbers

hi, had been posting here, my troubles since I upgraded to Sierra… well, I tried to upgrade to high Sierra, thinking that may fix things… massive regretful mistake… wiped my computer, and despite Apple saying that is compatible with my late 2012 27" iMac, the high Sierra insertion error come up and says can’t be installed on this model iMac…???

anyway… I am having a wonderful (NOT) time re installing everything… by can’t re install my Garage Sale 6, my serial is was valid and correct… but now it says not so… WHY…

(I had all my passwords stored in 1Password… wrong… that got wiped, and also found that “Time Machine” was just @#$%^& useless… would not restore… error messages galore. to the point, that I contemplated driving to the Local Apple Store, and inserting into a so called Genius…

(Oh and I know this may have been asked a million times. who folder will all my GS6 listing be in in my Time Machine Backup)

Help…, Regards, Sandy.

From what’s visible in the screenshot your posted, your code looks to be in the right format. Most likely there’s a little mistake in the name you have entered. I suggest you contact our support team at with your registration details so they can get you sorted out.

GarageSale 6 (the non-Mac App Store version) stores it’s data at /Users//Library/Application Support/GarageSale.

Hope this helps.