Minor issues moving items to folders, inspector closing, etc

A few minor annoyances that are interrupting my work flow:

  1. I almost always need the inspector window open and I switch frequently between the listings/orders/inventory views. If I have the inspector window open and switch between listings/orders, the inspector stays open - hooray! But if I switch to the Inventory view it closes, and when I switch back to listings/orders it remains closed and needs to be opened again. It’s a minor pain to have to keep re-opening the inspector every time I switch views. It would be nice if it remembered it was open in the other views after leaving the inventory view!

  2. In GS 6, when you manually re-listed something, you would choose either “relist without changes” or “relist with all changes”. Once you selected your choice, the next time you went to manually relist something it would remember what you chose the last time. I generally always “relist with all changes”, but in GS7 it keeps defaulting to “relist without changes”, so I have to keep changing it every time. Little, but annoying, since it worked smoother in GS6.

  3. When moving listings/orders around between folders, if I drag and drop something into a closed folder, it opens the folder and then LEAVES the folder open. In GS6, if it was closed when you dropped the items into it, it would automatically close again. Instead, in GS7 I am constantly having to re-close folders while moving items around.

  4. I work with multiple seller accounts. It would be helpful to be able to sort my orders into smart folders for different seller accounts, but there is no option for seller account selection in the in the Orders view smart folders.

  5. It’s very nice to see that you have widened the scope of the search bar! It’s helpful to be able to search by SKU, etc. now. However, the search is now opened up so wide that for most of my searches I get so many results that I then have to search through the search results! If there is ever a way to add an option to narrow the search to only the title field, SKU, etc. that would help immensely. I use search a LOT!

These are pretty minor things, but the little annoyances and seconds add up! I’d appreciate your considering changing these at some point.

Thanks for all your work on the slick new GS7!

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Thanks. We look into this.

This was already on our list. Thanks for letting us know, that you are effected by this one, too.

Not sure if this is a feature of the operating system, or if we are doing something different.
We look into this.


You can click on the little arrow in front of the search field to narrow down the scope:


Great! Thank you so much!

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