Missing PayPal address - help!


I’m trying to decide whether to upgrade from GarageSale 6. I have installed GS7 and imported my listings. I found I have the same problem as many other users - the error message on every listing saying ‘Missing PayPal address’.

I have followed all of the instructions on the previous posts on this subject: I have deleted my account, closed GS, reopened and added my account and PayPal again - still no go.

I tried everything, including removing an ebay token (I only found one) from my Keychain Access utility (and removing and reinstating my ebay account)

I have checked that my PayPal and ebay accounts are still connected.

This is very frustrating! Do you have any other suggestions??

Hi Judy,

which version of macOS and GarageSale do you have installed?

This might be a dumb question but did you already try a restart of your Mac?

Regards, Kristian

It’s the very latest version (downloaded it yesterday) and yes, I think I restarted the Mac twice.

Ok - panic over - this morning it seems to be working fine. I restarted again as my Mac wanted to do a security update, and now the dreaded red exclamation mark has gone!

So thank you for responding, but it’s all good!

Glad to hear, that’s great.
Still clueless why it happened - maybe a system thingy?

Regards, Kristian

Who knows - just glad it’s working. Thank for your help!

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