Missing UPC in Listing with Variations

I have a listing in E-bay with several Variations. I tried to use the “relisting” feature, however, E-bay returned error messages that the “Required Field UPC was missing”. I could not find where to enter the UPC in the variations module, nor would it accept a single UPC in the field in Inspector. I finally had to go to E-bay, relist there, and enter the UPC codes within E-bay. However, now, I cannot update the auction, nor do I know how to retain the UPC codes in further relistings. What am I missing? Remember, these are items with variations, not a single item listing.

Variations with UPC codes are only supported in GarageSale 7, which is currently in beta testing. Please check here for the latest version:

Got the new version, but do I have to RECREATE everything? All I see is a
huge list of everything I¹ve ever sold or listed on E-bay! I may buy the
license, because I¹m sure it¹s going to be useable, but at this point, I¹m
simply not in the mood to recreate, or try to sort out what is in that left
column. Sigh

Up until now, when importing your GarageSale 6 library, GarageSale7 imported your “auction templates” as listings, and put each auction you listed from that template next to it. I agree that this looks super cluttered. Also, there’s little benefit to it, because most people don’t care about the auction they launched years ago.

Starting with Beta 12 (due tomorrow), we’ll put imported auctions into a separate folder instead of placing them into your “auction template” hierarchy next to the listing they were started from.

You have to delete your current GS 7 library, though, to trigger a re-import of your GS 6 library.

Hope this helps.

Immensely! Thank you so much.

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