Mobile description - how to pull through the right words?


I’ve noticed that some of the descriptions being parsed by ebay from the description I have on my GS listing are not very helpful to any buyers.

I’ve tried to add the HTML noted by ebay (eBay: View Item description summary feature) but that doesn’t seem to change the description being pulled through.

My guess is that is due to something that GS is doing to that HTML, or it’s all the additional code around the listing design that’s breaking the HTML.

Can someone help? Plus, for iwascoding, please can you add an easy way to highlight the “mobile description” section in a future update. Tons of users search for items on ebay mobile now, so to improve that area would be very helpful.



As far as I know, adding this code

<div vocab="" typeof="Product">
<span property="description">

as described by eBay is the only way to influence the eBay mobile description generation.

However, in my experience this doesn’t work very well. For me it never seems to have worked but not sure if that’s only me.

Regards, Kristian

Hi Kristian,

Thanks for responding. I tried the same thing, but unfortunately I can’t get it to work on any of my listings.

Using ebay’s “revise listing” and looking at my listing in HTML … it looks like GarageSale is already including the HTML below (<div vocab …) around the description I’ve entered into GS. I.e. adding the same "<div vocab …” section into a GS listing won’t do anything because it’s already there.

I’ll have a play with the HTML version of my listing on ebay and see if I can get something to work.


Hey Colin. I found using


done the job. but… i did notice a drop in sales… i think eBay picks out keywords…

Thanks @pkjack and @kristian

I think I’ve found out how to do it! This is using the HTML editor in ebay (Revise listing, item description, HTML tab)

  1. Find the existing <div vocab …>HTML and remove, including the closing

  2. Put <div vocab …> etc. is required around the text you want to use as the mobile description

  3. Including any <font …> HTML within the section you want to use breaks things. But the looks of it GS tends to include that with any change in font (e.g. applying bold) so that needs removing. I think the same applies for anything other than the most simple HTML

  4. It takes a while for the mobile app to pick-up a new mobile description. 10 mins or so based on my playing around this evening

Time to work through my listings to revise the descriptions that are currently wrong.

Fingers-crossed IWasCoding can find the time to include this functionality within GS itself. Having to go into ebay’s editor isn’t ideal.

Hope that helps anyone who wants better mobile descriptions.

When you view frame source on ebay you can see GS puts all the content within the schema span…

But ebay picks out the first

if it feels its correct other you get ( and i guess you get it aswell ) just sort of bullet points that ebay has picked out.

All i had to do was use

instead of

and it showed it all…

Keep an eye on your views though… as i said it totally tanked mine

All the best :slight_smile:


oh forgot to ask… did you find away to add paragraph spaces?? or even though it show what you want its still in one block? if that makes sense

Hi Paul - no, I haven’t found a way to add paragraph spaces unfortunately. The descriptions are all in one lump. That’s using br as paragraph spaces. I’ll try some alternatives when I next list a number of items. Cheers, Colin

Hey Colin. No worries. thought id ask, I tried for ages… just not sure it can be done


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