Mobile friendly checker snagging GS listings

Using GS 7.0.16 Went through and did a revise on all my listings using proprities and optimize for Iphone. Did not fix the problem. It seems I have to go into eBay and use their mobile checker on all descriptions which is time consuming and only a short-term fix as when they relist, they will be not mobile friendly again. Is it my images? Does the Iphone optimize not work? Here is a listing where I am not "mobile friendly163327085111
I am hoping there is a way to prevent new listings from this issue and to bulk-fix the present ones

Hi cathyn,

I just tested your listing here and also tested it with the eBay’s mobile friendly checker (“i-ways”) and get a perfect result.
My guess is that eBay’s internal mobile checker doesn’t browse through the whole source code.
Do you get a specific error message why they think it’s not mobile friendly? Can you maybe make a screenshot of the mobile checker?

Just an idea:
If you insert the following code into the “footer” field in the GarageSale preferences > General and invoke the revise command, does this make any differences?:

<style>img {max-width: 100%;}</style>

Regards, Kristian

thanks Kristen, I will give it a try

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