Monthly Listing Limit Not Resetting

I reached the limit of 50 listings on April 30 early in the morning. It is now May 1 and it still says I have 0 listing available. I just updated the app, and now underneath that it says the “Start of the next counting cycle is 5/31/23 at 8:00pm”. I’ve seen some old threads about resetting tokens and deleting keychain files, and those did not help. What is the issue and how can it be fixed? And no, I’m not signing up for a subscription.

Most likely there is a connection issue between your Mac and our servers. You should be able to force-update the count when you delete and re-add the eBay account in the Preferences of GarageSale.

This did not work. I also logged out of my iwascoding account on that page and logged back in, still not updating. I have also closed the app and opened it again, the last time I left it open for an hour and checked again, still not updated. Is there something on your end that can reset this?

Please make sure you did not mixed up the Pro account with the eBay account. Did you actually delete (all) the eBay account(s) in the Accounts tab? And re-authorize them?

You can also send me the eBay account names and I will have a look at them in our records.


I did the eBay account first (delete then add back and authorize), then I also did the one on the Pro account page. Still not updating.

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