Motors Parts compatibility feature still needed in GS?

Over the years, there were a few requests to support the parts compatibility feature in GarageSale.

I looked into this issue again, and it seems a lot of the functionally has moved to eBay’s product catalog.

Can any of you comment on wether that feature is still something sellers need?

yes many used parts are not found one bays product catalog

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Yes we could really use this for motorcycle parts as other sellers are using it so customers find them by entering their bike model and year.

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Any chance you could record a screen video showing how you’d list a such a used part on the eBay website? At least the part for filling in the parts compatibility information.

From eBay’s developer documentation, it seems there are several possible ways to adapt that feature. For starters, we’d only like to start with the most useful one.

Sure do you want me to email it to you ?

E-mail would work great. Please send it to garagesale AT If the video file is too big for e-mailing, I can provide your with a dropbox upload link.

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