Move fixed price listing to auction


I just can’t seem to find the correct way to move/change a fixed priced ‘good till cancelled’ item to an auction.

Changing the the duration and entering a starting bid, just leads to an ‘illegal auction type’ warning when I try to revise the listing.

I now have to end the good till cancelled listing first (without a good reason), change the template (loosing the original auction template) en then start an new auction. Or I can duplicate the template and start an auction from that template.

It all looks so tedious while eBay just offers a ‘move to auction’ option in the browser (which is also not very structured).

After having items listed for a fixed price for a certain period, I just want to ‘move’ them into an auction style listing, without losing watchers and pageviews. Can that be done in GS?

I’m clearly missing something here.

Thanks for any help.

Hi ,

I don’t know if that ‘move to auction’ option is available in eBay’s API but so far you can’t do this with GarageSale. Due to eBay policy you can’t revise a fixed-price item to auction format. That’s why you get that eBay error if you try to do so.

Regards, Kristian

Mmhh @kristian you can easily move from fixed price to auction on eBay, but you cannot do the contrary or moving from 30-days to GTC (or from GTC to 30-days)…

The eBay help says:

“You can’t change a fixed price listing to an auction-style listing.”

However, maybe it depends on the eBay site/country.

Regards, Kristian

As far as I know, eBay doesn’t offer this special feature to third-party API clients like GarageSale. The only means we have is the “Revise Item” feature, but it seems it cannot do this trick.

Can you please post a screenshot of the eBay page where to “move to auction” feature is available. I’ll can use that to inquiry with eBay if their have plans to offer this feature to apps like GarageSale.

@ilja , this is the most highlighted action in listing list of My eBay (sell manager pro window)… look, it is the same for all… and it is set as default, I did not put it there… maybe it is just different from country to country…

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