Moving items to wrong places when listing

It is hard to explain, but I have all of my listings in files by category.

When starting the auction it is moving the listings out of my sorting system and dropping them above the ‘Deleted Items’ file.

I think this may be a similar problem to the one noted in ‘Crashes of Application’.

After it does this, it stops uploading or gets stuck on ‘Verifying’ and I have to re-start. It was happening occasionally, now it is always.

Not only frustrating, it makes it impossible to work while uploading as the list ‘bounces’ and won’t stay on the one I am working on.

But do you mean you have all your listings divided in folders? Each folder for a category? Did you set the output folder for that listing in a specific folder? Mhm I did not have this problem, I have just one output folder where all listings go after activation, besides it crashes only when it freezes and I don’t have to restart…

Yes, my listings are divided into folders. The output folder is supposed to be Deleted Items but both the duplicates and the newly listed are both just being piled on top of the deleted items folder.

Not all, just some.

Mine just crashed fully for the first time.

Here is a screen shot. You can see that it is moving both active and duplicates to the same place but not into the Deleted Items. The active items should have stayed where they were.

I have a similar problem. When relisting items and clicking on the folder icon at the bottom of the launch control window to send the original to the deleted listing folder, they end up just above, not IN the deleted listings folder.

I have noticed that the active newly listed items get moved there but only the duplicates of the re-listed ones.

The only thing actually going into Deleted Items are the ones I delete.

Do you have the Duplicate or Move option in lower left corner of the “Launch Control” window activated?

Yes, it is supposed to duplicate then move original into deleted items.

It is also trashing the active item and leaving the duplicate.

Here is a fix version that should fix it:

Please run this version and see if it fixes the problem.

Hmm, I haven’t seen this bug so far.

Sorry, no, it is the same. The copy is staying and the active one is going above Deleted Items

I’m still unable to reproduce this behavior. I recorded a short animation, maybe this way we can figure out what’s going on.

I have listing called “Testing”. Its icon initially shows a dotted border because it’s not started yet. I set the “Launch Control” options to move the listing to the folder “Destination” after launching and to create a duplicate in the original location.

After the start, “Testing” turns light blue and is moved to the new “Destination” folder. An new duplicate listing (dotted border) appears at the listing’s original location.

If I got you correctly, the original listing (light blue after start) stays at the original location and the duplicate (doted border) gets moved the new destination. Correct?

P.S. Updated with the link to the animation.

YES! That did solve it. Thank you. I needed to have nothing checked.

However, why is there not the same “move originals to trash” option for re-listing as for starting auctions? Having to go through and manually delete them means a lot more work with thousands of items.

Thank you for that.


The “Move” option is there when re-listing, too. It’s just the “Duplicate” option that’s no supported when re-listing.

This now works with re-listing and moving into deleted folder in 7.0.3
Thanks for the fix.


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