Multiple Quantities Am I Understanding Correctly

Just want to make sure I understand how multiple qty’s. work. I have 6 dinner plates, but my selling price is per piece.Do I put 6 in the qty. field and GS displays my selling price in such a way that the buyer knows it is per plate?
Now that ebay is no longer doing 30 day auctions and instead GTC, will my qty. reflect correctly if I have sold any of the plates or do I still need to use the inventory feature?

Yes, exactly.
There will a quantity field appear on the eBay website.

The quantity field in your GTC listing on the eBay website will always reflect the correct quantity.
You don’t have to use the inventory feature necessarily.

Hope this helps,

Thank you Kristian, good to know.

GS does not update the quantity left in your stock. If you list 6 and sell 1 eBay will say there is 5 left but GS will still say 6 unless you manually change it to 5. You have to watch that you don’t do an update to your listing and accidentally change you listing on eBay back to 6.

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