My copy of GarageSale 7.0.3 continually quits right after startup

I installed GS 7.0.3 and successfully completed my upgrade payment. The app was working fine until the last few days where it will continually quit right after startup. I tried restarting my Mac and installing a fresh copy, but the problem persists. I’ve had to resort back to using my copy GS 6. I’ve attached the error log it produces after quitting. Hopefully we can resolve this soon.GS7_error_log.txt (1.1 MB)

:thinking:GarageSale fails to load one of the images displayed in the its interface.

I suggest checking your drive’s file system with the Disk Utility app or re-downloading GarageSale from our website. Loading a bundled resource from disk shouldn’t be a problem.

Or are you perhaps using custom file system options (case sensitive, ZFS)?

I was able to get to GS7 to work by erasing my hard drive and re-building from a backup cloned copy. Just another example of why everyone should have a sensible backup strategy!

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I wish more of our user had so much foresight. :grimacing:

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