NB: source tagging items for search

I’m still in the midst of a trial and I’m wondering if there is some convenient way to tag listings with their source for a SMART GROUP category.

Right now, I have a bunch of different items that I’m selling for different people as a favor. I’ve been tagging them with two initials in the titles so I know which stuff belongs to whom. However, the SMART GROUPS doesn’t seem to filter exactly as a request for a -SA tag gives me anything that has “SA” in the title.

Is there some other field or something where I can add this?

thanks, - David

The best way to solve this would probably be allowing a smart group that searches your listings private comments. But that’s not there yet (it’s on our list for a coming update though ).

So, right now only a work around like this would work:

  1. In your listing, switch from Preview to Editor mode (where you can see the html)
  2. At the top of your listings insert something like this into your HTML code:

This will hide your source identifier in your description when viewed in a browser. It would still be visible when somebody uses the “View Source” command, though.

Now you need to setup a smart group that list listing whose description contain “SourceABC”.


I actually need this to be visible so the folks that actually gave me the stuff to see can tell which ones are theirs! I’m probably going to just put a source code in the descriptions themselves.

It seems strange that smart group ignores the special characters and only matches on the letters. So, -SA- matches “SA” and “-SA-” Now, I could go to unique unused letter combinations such as DKHE which is unlikely to appear but I’d rather keep it to a two letter combination that makes sense.

The big deal is that I don’t want to have to edit sources by hand in HTML for every entry, so I’ll probably have to change it in the template.

Can I simply use the SKU code for the smart search? … at least then it would be a pull down.

Another option is to come up with a master template that I like and then have four variations with different footers if this is possible. I have around 500 items to get posted from the shutdown of a warehouse of a friend and I’m looking to automate/template as much as possible.

As far as I can recall the “contains” operator works on the full text index of the description. The full text indexer is working on words, and some character like spaces and dashes are word delimiters, so you probably cannot search for strings containing them.

Yes, this should work. You could perhaps set up a pseudo inventory item in the inventory section for each source you are dealing with. The SKU popup in the listing section inspector will then show these SKUs.

This should work to, but unless you want to create your own design with an switchable footer, it’s probably easier to create 4 master templates. You’d use the duplicate command on the one of your master templates each time you want to create a new listing. You could pre-populate the footer and the SKU in your master templates.

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