Need a few more preference options

I need a few more preference options to apply to every listing.

  1. “Return shipping to be paid by”.
  2. “Require immediate payment”.
  3. “Handling time”.
  4. “Activity viewer”. so I don’t do large selects when GS is working on something else causing the beach ball to occur.
    My only option now is to “select all” and add to all if the folders are small enough. I have these windows open constantly to monitor them but they get in the way of working on listings.

If you need more preferences, then offered by GarageSale’s preferences UI, I suggest you setup a “master listing” with all the desired settings and select that in

The heading says New Listings. I have one set already in that “Master listing”. That doesn’t work when duplicating existing listings. Perhaps that could be added when duplicating?

Exactly. That’s the point of “New Listing” preferences.

How should such a feature work? How should it know which settings to copy from your preferences, and what listing settings to leave in touch the listing you just duplicated?

I guess you want to use the “Past Listing Components” command here.

These 3 “preferences” are the same for all my listings that I am currently running. Right now I just keep the 2 panes open all the time and periodically do a select all and bulk edit all my listings to be sure I don’t miss a few when doing duplicated listings that are made from an old completed listing. I recently went to all “immediate payment”, “Return shipping to be paid by buyer”, and “2 day handling time” so all my sold listings have my old preferences in them and need new information.

That is a good point. I hadn’t thought about it completely.

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