Need to revise how I am revising, pictures disappear!

I am still having a problem with pictures disappear iwhen I relist auctions through eBay that were created on Garage sale. I am trying to revise them through Garage sale and am going in circles. I find the template, open the inspector and see the auction tab on the inspector for the template. When I select the auction tab, the pop open revise window appears but the template is not listed there so even when I select revise parts or whole of auction, nothing is happening! Does anyone have a clue what I am doing wrong? I switched to Garage Sale when I got a Mac in December and am still having issues. I can’t believe it but I miss turbolister

We had this problem a lot awhile ago, not so much recently. The only thing we could find that would fix it is to stop your auction, then start it over again. Don’t do a re-list, do a new auction. It seems that something with eBay’s servers gets messed up and no amount of trying on the existing auction can fix it. Good luck!

thanks I have had to do this however I am losing listing credits and am getting additional fees.