New BUG for tracking number and postal service

I am sorry to tell you this, but I have just found another bug (it worked fine before last beta 44).
In orders section it does not keep memory of Courier (postal service) I choose from the scrolling bar just under tracking number field. If I click on “poste italiane” it suddenly returns to “nothing”…

Sorry again, but that’s not all! I have a custom email template to inform buyers about their tracking number. However it seems that [[shippingTrackingNumber]] does not work (I fill tracking number field, then I choose that message template… but it does not show any code although I wrote it… ).

Is it only a problem for me?



thanks about the feedback. We will have a look into it.

Thanks again,


sorry, thought this would be easy to reproduce, but it works like here:

Can you make a small video so we can reproduce this here?


Thanks to you Paul! :slight_smile:

I missed your second message, it’s not possible!! I try again and then I will send you a video…

Here a video, tell me if it is enough clear. As you see I fill code field, open message, there is no code, then I show you template where there is [[shippingTrackingNumber]]. Courier does not stay there when I click it first, then it stay, but if I change order and the return to that one, “poste italiane” disappears and there is still “nothing”…

Video on dropbox, too large

I don’t know why but is awful, it’s much better here, if you want I can send you it via email (about 8 MB)

OK, now I found the issue. This will be fixed in the next beta!

Maybe this will even be fixed after a restart, as GS7 downloads some additional eBay settings then. Please have a try.

thank you for fast support. With “restart” do you mean closing and reopening GS? If so, I am sure it is the same from last update to 44, there were no problem before.

Ah I have a question, why does GS quite every time I close the window? Why don’t you leave it working in background?

Thank you

When you quit and start GarageSale, it looks for new eBay settings on one of our servers. I GarageSale finds a new settings (not a new app version) it downloads these settings silently and starts using them. These new settings should fix the issue with the tracking carrier.

Hello Paul,
I have just checked. Now the list of courier is much longer! I don’t need all them but it is just to say that something changed. However I still don’t see tracking number in messages…

Did you enter the string in the mail template manually or did you use the popup? Please try to use the popup in the mail templates window. This works for me here.

If this still does not work, please send me the file

~Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7/Data/Library/Application Support/GarageSale/Templates.gsMailTemplate

in your home folder.

Hello Paul,
thank you for very fast reply as always.
I did not write manually [[shippingTrackingNumber]] but I chose it from scrolling bar and it appeared in the template. So do I have to send you that file? If so, do I have to attach it here or send it via email?

As you wish…


Hello Paul,
please excuse me for delay but I had some problem looking for that folder. Today I tried the new version and tracking number seems to work without any problem. It’s strange :persevere: but I would say it’s better so. Anyway I will inform you immediately if this problem returns. Excuse me if you lost time …

Thank you for help