New eBay warning: eBay Picture Service URL links converted to HTTPS links

Today I received this new eBay warning when trying to start this listing. I have started this listing several times, about every 30 days, for the last many months without this warning. The listing actually started OK.

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If you don’t use “http://” URLs anywhere in your listing, maybe this is just a general warning message from eBay?

You can let GarageSale ignore that message by right-clicking on the message and select “Ignore Future Warnings”.

I’ve seen it once or twice in every hundred listings or so, and I think it may be a faulty validation server in their cloud. Maybe it hasn’t been updated with the latest API release. Or maybe it has a test API.

NO, I do not use any URLs in any of my listings.

This is the only listing that has received that warning and this listing is the only listing I have on the “eBay Motors USA” site…


Then everything should be fine. Just ignore that message as it probably is just a glitch on eBay’s side as mentioned by Vaguery.

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