New update crashed

I just clicked the update tonight and now it just crashes every time to start the app.

Same here, worked fine yesterday, updated to the new release this morning and now it crashes every time I try to start the app.

If not done already, please send the crash report when prompted.

Regards, Kristian

Can you send us the latest GarageSale crash report files? You find it in your user Library* here:

*Please note: The User Library is hidden by default. To access it click the Finder’s “Go” menu and press the option (alt) and shift key to make the User Library show up in the menu. Selecting it will open it in the Finder.

Regards, Kristian

Can you try see if this version starts up:

Hi Ilja, I had the same problem with crashing after launching the GS update. I’ve now used the Beta link that you posted, and so far, GS seems stable.

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Same here tried opening via safe mode does nothing :frowning:

If not done already, can you please give the latest update 8.0.9 a try?
You can download it from here:

Regards, Kristian

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