New User cannot connect to ebay account

I tried several things but cannot get GS7 to recognize my ebay account. No place to fill in the ebay username. I put in my paypal email address and pressed access token, an “authorize” window comes up but stays blank.

Do you maybe have “LittleSnitch” installed?

You should make sure that your network does not block the connection (Firewall, proxy server) and that you don’t use a tool that could block the network (Kaspersky, LittleSnitch, MacKeeper, HandsOff, cisco anyconnect, GlimmerBlocker or any other AdBlocker).

Regards, Kristian

Ad blocker on Chrome that I disabled but still not a fix. No firewall or proxy.

When you invoke a exemplary authorization URL manually in Safari, what do you get?**d41f4f8b1580a5f178f0dcd0ffff884a&ruparams=GBVersion%3D782%26GBLanguage%3Den

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