New User Needs Help with item.previewspecifics

I’m a new user and trying to figure out how to incorporate item specifics (attributes in the GarageSale interface) in my description through the use of placeholders.

I came across your comment from 2015:

“foreach attr item.previewSpecifics attLoop]]
” tr>

” endforeach attLoop]]
" /table>

This way you can include your specifics in your listing description, too.

However I’ve put this in my description and it seems to break when viewed in preview mode (I see NO description at all-- just a white box). I’m a seller of records, which have attributes such as speed, duration, etc. Can you give me a more concrete example of how this works? This is literally the one function of GarageSale that will make it the one program for me to use above all others, so if I can’t figure this out, it’s no good for me.


I tried it here, too but displaying the item specifics inside the item description doesn’t seem to work currently, unfortunately.

[[foreach attr item.previewSpecifics attLoop]]
[[endforeach attLoop]]

Regards, Kristian

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