Newbie, I can't get Garagesale to import my ebay listings

I just bought the software and tried to get my listings uploaded to the software but it won’t import the page is just blank. What should I do?


Should I reinstall it, It didn’t work in the trial period. I figured if I bought it then it would work. Wrong! I guess I just wasted money. I did list an item for me, so I guess I can just use it as a lister.

Have you tried to “Import from My eBay” command in the file menu?

If you have a lot of listings online, it can take a while before GarageSale has downloaded the complete list and starts displaying them in that panel. Did you leave the “Import from My eBay” panel open for a minute or two?

Yes that how I did it and I left it open all day long, nothing.

I would like a refund It’s just not working for me.

This was the way I succeded when at first my v6 database was not imported:
In the ‘Advanced’ section at the bottom you will find a topic entitled “How do I re-import my GarageSale 6 library?”

This worked for me.

Yes I did all day. Tech is helping me now. Thanks for getting back to me.

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