No REFERENCE NUMBER for Global Shipping Item

I noticed today that an item which was sold today through the Ebay Global Shipping program didn’t pull over the reference number from Ebay as it normally would. The problem is that when I go to print my shipping label through Endicia, it includes the Buyer’s name and the Erlanger Kentucky address, but not the reference number needed by them to forward to the buyer, in this case, in the UK.

In the past I’ve sometimes had to copy and paste the reference number into Endicia with the rest of the address, but that reference number always showed up in the “Buyer’s Shipping Address” field. Not this time.

It might just be a glitch for this one transaction, but if Ebay made a change then others will be affected who might ship their items to Kentucky (U.S.) only to have them returned to the seller because there was no reference number on the label.

I hope this makes sense.


*** UPDATE - I noticed that this reference number didn’t pull over into the PayPal transaction either. I’m not sure where Garage Sale gets the customer info from, whether it’s from Ebay or from PayPal - Just FYI.

If the Reference number is not shown in GarageSale anywhere, it probably wasn’t sent to eBay (or eBay made some update we aren’t aware of).

GarageSale retrieves the customer info from eBay. We only pull the eBay order ids and fee from the PayPal transaction, not any address data.

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