No UPC code error when trying to list anything


i’m in search for non-cloud ebay management software for mac. tried garagesale demo. and can not list even 1 auction on US site. got “no UPC code error”. is this demo limitation?


no, this is an eBay error message.
Due to newer eBay requirements you need to add a UPC, EAN or ISBN code to your listings.

In GarageSale you can use the barcode field in the Inspector for that but make sure you’re using GarageSale 6.9.6b4 from the GarageSale website.

Regards, Kristian

yes, i know all of this - i have read this forum prior to posting. and that beta version that i downloaded is not working.

as i see another users has the same problem.


Could you export the auction template that you created in GarageSale 6.9.6b4 using GarageSale’s export function (File menu) and send it to the GarageSale support so we can have a closer look at it?

Regards, Kristian

where i need to send it ?

This forum has a private message feature, so you could attach the exported template to a private message to kristian. You could also send it to the official support e-mail

just found strange thing: i finally was able to list boots, but can not list cosmetics because of NO UPC error.

wow! very interesting! it seems that ebay does not like some UPC codes. when i try to use boots UPC with cosmetic cream - all is working! very very strange behavior from ebay side…

this code is acceptable by ebay 738575698727, and this not 4607034472306
but second code is ok when listing manually. please research this problem.

Are you sure the second one is a proper UPC code? gives me an unknown item error.

yes, i’m sure. i’ve already searched that database too. and i have at least 5 items around me with such UPC codes that i can not list through GS but all of them ok, when posting manually. and another interesting thing - all this problematic codes are ok when using ebay UK site.

tried many codes with that database and i think that this base knows very little. i have at least 10 items around that is not in that database and only one is there!

will GS work with all UPC codes or i need to search for another software ?

somebody from support - please answer me

Can you give a me a list of a couple of the UPC codes and the categories you were trying to use them.

Since we just pass them one the eBay, I will use those in a support incident with eBay.

Also, are you sure UPC codes are accepted by eBay UK? Should you enter EAN codes for European countries?

here is the examples


Please let me know in which category you are trying to list items with these codes. Thanks.

first two - toothpaste.