Not able to click "Best Offer" in GS9 on Mac

Not sure why but the “Best Offer” option is not accessible now. I’m on a Mac with Catalina 10.15.7

Have you selected a category already?

Of course as soon as I restarted it works. :smile:
PS: I had restarted after the update

So, it happened a couple more times. After doing about 10 items,it disappeared again. Closing and opening the app made it show up again.
Hopefully a small bug fix someday.
Best to All,

What category are you listing in? Maybe we are lucky and can reproduce the bug here…

Mainly in the Sports Memorabilia/Autograph category. I usually have simple templates, duplicate one, fill in my info and add photos.
I set a Buy it Now Price, then set Best Offer

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