Note about "Pre-release expiring" message

Sorry, folks.

If you started any version of GarageSale 7 today, you probably saw the warning about your version of GarageSale being a pre-release version, which is going to be expire soon.

For now, please ignore this warning and click the OK button to use GarageSale. We will have new release out any moment, which will remove this panel.

This warning is a left-over from the development stage of GarageSale 7, which everybody at iwascoding forgot about.

My apologies for the caused confusion.

Uhm did not happen to me :pensive: is it normal?

So while using version 6 today I decided to go ahead and upgrade to 7. After It upgraded I started to get the “Pre-Release” version error and the program would not open at all. I submitted a ticket and they said they would have a new download available in 30 min. 12 hours later no new download and I decided to go back to version 6. Downloaded and installed fine. Problem is all my Saved Templates I had before are gone and I can’t find them anywhere? Any help as to where I could find them and restore them. Thank You

Hi ayero,

you just have re-download GarageSale 7 from the GarageSale website:

Did you already try this?

Regards, Kristian

Sorry the new version is STILL not available from the main site. Its still 7.0.4. Same issue same problem.

Additionally how can I get me past listings into version 6



I’m pretty 7.0.5 is available from our home page since yesterday evening. I just checked and it’s still available:

So I was finally able to download the new version and install it, BUT none of my Templates/listings from my version 6 came over and imported to Version 7. How do I get my Listings

Have you been using the Mac App Store version of GarageSale 6 before, or a version downloaded from our website?

Honestly its been so long I don’t know which one. If I had to guess it would be the one from the Website

If you launch GarageSale 6 right now, do you see your licensee name in the About panel, or does it say “Mac App Store User” (or something similar).

It says the licensee name (ME) in the About Panel

In this case you are running the non-MAS version from our website. This means your data should reside in your home directory under Library/Application Support/GarageSale. Is there such a directory? If so, how big is it.

Please note that I’m talking about the Library folder in your account’s home directory, not the one on the top level of your hard drive. Also, this folder is hidden by default. You might need to make it visible through the View Options command in the Finder.

So I go inside this folder( Library/Application Support/GarageSale) and its 48 MB. It is showing what is there after i Reinstalled version 6. NONE of my Listing Templates are available which was over 100. Did trying to upgrade to 7 lose all of my templates?

Do you also have a folder called ‘com.iwascoding.garagesale’ under Library/Containers?

The only folder I have under that directory is one called com.iwascoding.garagesale7

I am new to Apple (ex-pc person) and to GarageSale. So it could be some dumb thing I’m doing wrong!

I purchased GarageSale 6 from the Iwascoding website and got a free upgrade to 7, however I am having a problem with the ‘Pre-release’ message every time I close & try to reopen the program from Launchpad. Clicking on the OK button of the message, instantly closes GarageSale.

The only way I can open it is from Downloads, and then happily the current version appears with all my info, templates, history etc. and my license. How can I make 7.0.5 the only version on my computer?

The GS in your downloads folder should be dragged to your applications folder. When the correct (7.0.5) is running, it’s icon should be in the dock. Right click this icon and under ‘options’ select ‘Keep in Dock’. Then GS should easily launch with 1 click from the dock. You can change the behavior of the dock in system preferences. (under the  )

Thank you, thank you! That was exactly my problem. Now I only have one version, the newest.

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