Now Available? Syncing GS Between Multiple Computers?

Back in March you mentioned “For the initial release of version 7 you have to stick with the import/export workflow. But one of the goals of the GarageSale 7 rewrite was to enable synching. It’s just not in the initial 7.0 release. We have to take one step after the other.” (OLD THREAD)…

Have you taken this step yet? I would like to sync with multiple computers, I did just purchase the 5 user. Thanks!

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If not, would Network Sharing work? There is a dead link that mentioned Network Sharing in an older thread. If so what is the location of the Data file to share? Thanks for any assistance!

Adding synching is one of the top features on our to do list. And yes, it’s not in the initial release of GS 7.

The location of GarageSale’s database ~Library/Containers/com.iwascoding.garagesale7. However, you need to be extremely cautious when allowing shared access to this directory over a network, as the database might get corrupted. Make sure you have a working backup before starting to experiment.

What about DropBox? Is that a possibility?


we do not officially support it. You can try it out, but make sure you have regular backups (e.g. TimeMachine) in case something went wrong.


Ugh. Sounds like a pain.

I guess I’ll just wait.

Using a third party tool like Dropbox, Sugarsync, etc., to sync directories is never a good idea when working with databases, particularly when the database records are complex, as with Garage Sale that uses financial information. You are 100% reliant on these tools to sync entire databases of files while making sure you don’t have the applications open and that you are not reading or writing to the database during the process. Syncing doesn’t always work properly and it becomes easy to corrupt database files or end up with mismatched files that contain different information.

Properly written programs that sync data examine individual things like time stamps for each record prior to syncing and they check each record for consistency and integrity before and after the syncing process to make sure you end up with the information you are expecting.

If this was a database of a personal DVD or CD collection it would be one thing, but the financial implications of messing with databases that are financial could be very problematic. I don’t recommend it.

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Wondering if this has been updated. I’m hoping to have a second copy of GS running in a separate room since I have all the boxes and items in the garage. Just want to be able to check things and update from there if necessary. My main machine runs TimeMachine backups regularly.

Any suggestions for keeping the two machines sync’ed with each other.

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Sorry, listing synching is still in the works. However, if you are using the one of the rooms strictly for shipping and processing orders, the order data should be fully synched through eBay already.

I was thinking if you have a general idea about an approximate date or period of synching release… just to understand if it is matter of weeks, months or years…

Thank you

That would be months…

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Does this problem still exist if you have a multiple user license?
If I were to upgrade to the multiple user, and then use my second Mac, would everything be
synced at that point?
I am already learning how to manage multiple areas of listing, inventory and shipping.
Managing machines will make things much more complicated.
Thank you guys for any and all answers!

@ilja , still months?? :innocent:

Though you must remember that a year is only a collection of 12 months. :slight_smile:

Excuse me if I take this old thread but I would like to ask you if synching is now on the horizon or not… thank you for your work

We mad seem good process on synching, but not as quickly as we hope for. We have a proof-of-concept dummy app working, and are now working on the production backend as well as drafting the UI components for GarageSale, e.g. for resolving conflicts.

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I didn’t know you could reply to an old one. How do you do that?

Hi @Michelle, it was open :grin: I suppose that the automatic closing works only for those threads created after the start of closing 10 days-old ones …

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