Only I missed the diagram function?

I do have a license for GarageSale but I recently noticed the diagram button has gone so can’t use the diagram at all.

Anyone have the same problem with me?


what is a diagram button? Post a screen shot and describe where it was.

According to the help file, for the reports section, the tool bar should have ‘type’ buttons, table or diagram

This is what I have for the reports section

My 8.3.5 looks like you posted. I would guess the help file is outdated from an earlier version.


no, there is indeed an issue with this reports toolbar (since our changes for macOS 11). We could already reproduce this and will release a beta soon.


Sorry for this oversight. Here is a version that should fix the button problem:

My update remains as it was.

The two “Type” buttons are back in this version. You can clearly see it in your screenshot!

Regards, Kristian

Wow, your job is hard with blind customers. I don’t know what I saw. Sorry…

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You replaced the 3 buttons with the 2. I was expecting 2 to be added. That was my mistake. Apologies.

Wow!! That was really super fast fix! Wake up, open my eyes and the problem solved, thanks to you all for the help!

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