Opting Out of Profiles with Minimal Hassle

I’m sorry for abandoning my last thread so suddenly. I had a “mild” heart attack and was out of commission for a couple of weeks.

I’m okay now, but I am pretty much homebound for a while.

And now for my question:

I’ve been hemorrhaging money on eBay, and I need to fix this problem as quickly as possible. So, here are my questions:

  1. Am I crazy or did eBay make it mandatory to switch to that stupid profile idea not that long ago?

  2. From what I read in that other thread, it appears that that is no longer a mandate. Is that right?

3.If that is the case, can someone lay out for me the least problematic way to make that change without losing even more time?

Thank you.

Go to this page to see how many profiles ebay has created on your account.

Mine had 800. Throw away any unused and move all others into the few that you use. It took a couple hours to set up but it is simple now to make changes and up dates to shipping profiles that instantly change your shipping charges. Once set up profiles is simple. Returns profile are also simple, (yes or no), payment profile, (ebay payment or PayPal)

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