Order images are not displayed if downloaded from eBay

the new feature works great, GS downloads images from eBay if the listing is not in the database, but if you select a group of listings, or if you click on a smart folder and switch the display to show listings as “square with images”, those listings does not show the image:

Schermata 2022-05-05 alle 11.19.32
Schermata 2022-05-05 alle 11.19.38

Other listings in the database shows images correctly. Hope this could be fixed.

Thank you

Could you please check with version 9.0.1 if the images are now shown?

Thank you Ilja, bug fixed. There is another issue in order section (I reported it time ago and it is still there).
When you launch GS, listings title are broken with “…”. To let GS show the entire title, you have to resize the page and then enlarge it. Check video:

@fedege96 this should also be fixed in the next beta!

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