"Orders - Smart Group" criteria enhancement & bug

GS 7 b24

The included Smart Group Ready to Ship could use an extra search criteria to more accurately reflect it’s function. The Smart Group should also allow Shipping Service is not Local Pickup. The Inspector for the items in question clearly shows Shipping Service: Local Pickup.

The Smart Group Waiting for Payment does have the “Refunded is No” option. However in several cases the GarageSale field Money Refunded is not picked up from the XML returned. In 4 of 171 orders returned, and visible in the XML, none were picked up by GarageSale as "[x] Money Refunded. Creating a new Smart Group for both cases, “Refunded IS Yes/No”, does not pickup any orders.

As eBay is quite verbose in state management, I may have this wrong, but for the items in question, the XML returned is:


Thanks, we’ll look into this.

Can you please give beta 26 a try and check if it reads the refunded state from the XML correctly now?

Tied up for a few days. I’ve upgraded to b29 and for all eBay items that had were refunded (and the corresponding XML contained Succeeded</…> ) now show correctly the checkbox Money Refunded. Looks good!

Thanks for letting us know.