Orders Smart Group guidance

Not sure if my logic is incorrect or something is amiss. All I’m trying to do is have two smartgroups, “Waiting Feedback” and “Leave Feedback”. Can someone lend me their logic that works for GS7? Thanks in advance. -les

Payment received is yes
Status is shipped
feedback received is no

Payment received is yes
Status is shipped
feedback received is yes
feedback left is no

Thanks fedege96. I tried that and it didn’t work. I cleared all my macbook cache, restarted mac, restarted GS7, and it still didn’t work.

I think there is more amiss here. I have something that JUST sold but they haven’t paid yet. In the INSPECTOR sidebar, I see the Buyer Account and Buyer email but the buyer information in the middle of the screen (Buyer:) is blank. I can understand the Shipping Address being blank, but not the buyer. Hence, I cannot use the dropdown to send an email for Payment Instructions.

Also, with this new buyer, GS7 says I have positive feedback received AND that I have left feedback. No way, as I still have the bought item sitting here not even wrapped up.

Seems something went astray with the GS7 table or something. If I don’t get feedback here, I’ll start a new thread about the Orders situation, but thanks for the guidance. -les

That’s “normal” and sometimes happens also to me. I think it is blank when the buyer does not complete the check out, but honestly I never understood the real reason. Anyway, if you use GS message, you should be able to send him a message with payment instructions. As soon as paid (with paypal), information will appear.
Anyway, it’s strange that those smart folders do not work. Sometimes they give problems also to me. Wait for further support tomorrow (I think that opening a new thread for the same problem is quite useless).

I deleted the smart folders and recreated. They didn’t seem to work still. I then rearranged the criteria items, and it still seemed to not work. Then I looked later and it seemed to be working.
So I don’t know if it’s really fixed or not. Time will tell.

Do you know of anyway to manually update the Orders feedback? I have a couple that have left feedback for me, per eBay, but GS says waiting for feedback. I went ahead and left feedback and it marked that ok but I just can’t get GS to mark their feedback so it will move out of Waiting Feedback smartfolder.

Did you try to click “update all orders” in “order” (top bar)? Otherwise you can select that order and click the arrow button (top left).

Yea. Update all orders, update individual order, Update all listings, everything I could think of.

Was hoping there was a secret “click this, unclick this” or something gyration that might rebuild the order.

Well @les I have to say one thing, that when I have a problem with smart folders (very rare to happen, so there are no persistent bugs), well, those times I find no way to fix it. I do not report them because I had one in months (one week ago, one item was sold and did not appear in any smart folder). In my opinion you should check it manually. Am I wrong or this problem does not happen always? If so, just do it manually and then go on using them as always. If it happens always or very often, in that case there must be an important issue and you have to wait GS support…

Agreed. I’m noticing the little nuances and what to pay attention to, then know a/the workaround and move forward.
Thanks for the tips/recommendations! :+1:

You are welcome @les

Have a nice Sunday

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