Orders View - Leave Feedback Not Accurate

As I am gong through the features of V7 I noticed that the Leave Feedback option is not accurate and is showing a need to leave feedback on orders that already have feedback from me.

See screen shots here, Would also be a great time saver to be able to click on a number of orders to leave bulk feedbacks. Could then do this every few days and save a ton of time, just select the orders from the list either all or some and Leave a common feedback for the entire list at one time.

Is this possible?


if you select the order in question and press the toolbar button with the round arrow, does the feedback flag update properly? You can also select multiple (up to 100) orders and update them all at once.


Hi Paul;

Not sure what you mean…Are you talking about doing this in GS or on eBay?

Take a screen shot if you can…might be easier then trying to explain it. :slight_smile:

I believe Paul was taking about this button: